Coolest Car Museums Around the Country

Car enthusiasts are pretty passionate fans, especially those that are into classic cars.  There are lots of car shows and museums where you can meet other people who share the same passion.  Let’s take a look at some of the coolest car museums around the country you need to see.  Make sure you add all these places to your bucket list.

Volvo Auto Museum

The Volvo Auto Museum is nestled in Volvo, Illinois and you definitely need to check this place out.  There is a place for your kids to hang out and you can check out different collections, such as military automobiles, movie cars and of course the vintage cars.  If you buy or sell classic cars yourself  then these are the people you definitely want to talk to.

Canton Classic Car Museum

Coming into the Canton Classic Car Museum is like travelling back in time and you can check more than 40 classic, rare and special interest cars.   They have more than cars you can check out all of the historical memorabilia at the same time.  It is pretty interesting to see what was happening in the world at the time these cars were being built.  Check it out.

Antique Auto Museum

This museum can be found in Hershey, Pennsylvania and this is more than just a museum.  Here you can see restored vintage vehicles along with present day cars.  There is an activity room for kids where they can get behind the wheel and learn to love cars too.  They host various events throughout the year so check the calendar to see what is going on when you come to visit.

Sarasota Classic Car Museum

This is the second oldest Antique car museum in the US, and you can see some incredible cars here.  There is one of a kind classic cars, antique European models, and some celebrity vehicles.  You can check out John Lennon’s ’65 Mercedes Benz!

The Auto Collections

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada this is the biggest largest classic car museum in the world.  You can drop in 7 days a week for you to check out the more than 300 different models of antique cars.  They have cars that are almost a 100 years old and they have all the classics from the 20’s until the present day.

Whether you have a classic car yourself or you just appreciate their beauty you need to check out these museums.  You can get in your own classic cars and travel around the country checking out other classic beauties.

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