The Gilmore Car Museum

Nestled in Hickory Corners, Michigan amid the hardwood forests you will find the classic car lover’s dream.  The Gilmore Car Museum is filled with bright red barns surrounded by the perfect scenery.  If you have ever dreamed about finding a hidden treasures in the barns of rural America then this museum is about to make your dreams come true.

Visiting the Museum

With 8 historic red barns on the property along with a service station that is a throwback to the 30’s, an old fashioned small town train station there are more than 200 incredible cars that called the 90 acre farm home.  Nestled in rural Michigan your will find more than a 100 years of automotive history in the most unlikely place.  It doesn’t matter what type of classic car that you fancy there is something here for you.

Events at the Museum

The museum also has close to three miles of paved roads on the property for you to wander and hopefully see one of these vintage cars motoring around.  If you come on the weekends there are always special shows that are going on, sometimes you even get the chance to hop in one of the classic cars and take a ride.  They have exhibits that include some pretty rare vintage vehicles including a Tucker, Duesenberg, Graham and some luxurious Pierce Arrows.

If you are coming here with a car lover and looking at classic cars is not necessarily your thing, you can check out the pedal car display.  There are more than 70 pedal cars and there are tons of name badges and hood ornaments to check out.

Grab Some Lunch

With more than 200 cars to see you are going to have to stop at some time and fuel up yourself.  On site there is an old style 1950’s diner where you can grab a burger and a milkshake.  You have got to try some of the pies for dessert, you won’t regret a single calorie.  After lunch you can head on over to the gift shop and grab a souvenir or two, here you will find the biggest Rolls Royce interior that was ever made.  It was even featured in a Disney movie!

The museum has an interesting history itself, it began in 1963 as a hobby for Donald Gilmore.  Gilmore’s wife had given him a 1920 Pierce Arrow to restore as a birthday present.  What a great gift!  The hobby grew and the Gilmore soon needed a big enough place to house all the cars, thus the 90 acre farm was purchased.  He also dismantled and moved the historic barns onto the property to house the car collection.

The museum is hands down one of the coolest places in the country for the antique car lover, we encourage you to check out the calendar of events and make time to check out everything there is to see.